Jan 13, 2022

Focus - an approach to styling interactive elements

The focus ring is that blue outline around the element that is currently focused on the site your are visiting. Unfortunately designers and developers often remove this feature and therefore break the experience for many users.

The reason why they might do so is probably because the outline does not align with the visual design or the identity of the brand. Another common approach is to style the outline very minimally. So instead of removing the outline the focused elements gets a very subtle style that can easily be missed. In other words the focus style is in place but done in a way that it is hard to see and to follow when navigating with a keyboard.

The approach I like to follow is to make the focus ring look good and prominent and to apply it to all interactive elements by default. Basically make it very visible when navigating with a keyboard. I find that this approach establishes a certain trust between the visitor and the brand or the page author.

[tabindex='0']:focus {
  * examples styles your focus 
  outline-color: #3c83f6;
  outline-offset: 1px;
  outline-style: dotted;
  outline-width: 4px;

Two great example is how it is done on Smashing Magazine site and on Tatiana Mac's site. At the time of writing the sites have a very prominent outline for all interactive elements. If you visit the site use the tab key to navigate the site and see the outline.

When default styles do not work out

There will be instances where the ring might look less good or sometimes even awkward. In these cases you might want to come up with better visuals for the element. This might be the brand or logo of the site or you might want to style form elements differently than other interactive elements. This could be done by changing the text color or background color or adding a custom border or a combination of any of these.


The focus ring is implemented into your browser by default. Let’s not break the experience and therefore never remove it. By prioritizing the focus ring styles for all interactive elements and improving it's style you prioritize the user experience and foster accessibility. Then when needed adjust the experience for the elements that need a different styles.

See the Pen Focus, an approach to interactive elements by Ingvi (@ingvoo) on CodePen.